Tools of The Trade

Video Camera Inspection

If you have a cell phone, it probably has a camera with a flash that can take pictures and videos at any time. The same technology may be utilized by plumbers to provide an unprecedented look at clogs or damages on the interior of pipes. The camera and the light are sent down the drain on a flexible cable and the plumber can look at the feed on a tablet or a video screen like a tablet. The video feed makes it possible for them to see what is causing the clog, how bad the pipe is damaged, and similar key details. The video information will give concrete information about preventing going on wild goose chases and cutting down on the expense and time of repairs.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a technique of getting rid of a clog with safe and effective technology. During this process, a pressurized hose is placed over the drain pipe and it sends pulses of water down the drain pipe to get rid of the clog. Plumbers have to be trained to use them due to the fact that the water is under a lot of pressure and it can cause damage if the plumber does not know what they are doing.In the right hands, it is not only safe but it very effective as well as scouring the whole pipe clean and utilizing nothing more toxic than water to do so.

Motorized Snakes

You can buy a plumbing snake at any hardware store which is a brush on the end of a flexible wire to get rid of clogs. However, you do have to be trained how to use them. Clogs can be caused by anything from food to soap and these snakes may not be able to get rid of the clog. Plumbers have access to motorized snakes with rotating heads and they have more power than store bought snakes to get rid of the clog and also can be adjusted to match the exact nature of the clog to ensure that it is taken care of properly.

Tips For Choosing a Professional Plumber

Finally, there are some tips that will help you choose the right plumber. First impressions are very important. Their advertisements or websites should show that their customers and business are important to them. You also need to ensure that they are licensed and bonded, find out what services that they provide, find out what accreditations and affiliations that they have, and find out if they provide emergency services. These are the signs of professional plumbers Getting their full attention on the phone and quick replies from online inquiries is another indicator of a professional plumber. Professional plumbers are also timely in their work, clean up after themselves, provide you with upfront pricing, and will be glad to share the reviews of past customers.

All of these reasons to hire a professional plumber, the services that they provide, and these tips for choosing a professional plumber will help you see the need for a professional plumber and why you should flush the rest.